sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Research experiences

Foto. Manipulation of a flame
 ionization detector
to clean up the gas
chromatography for
ethylene measurements.

Looking for a brief research experience (<1 year) out of your country having the financial support to cover your expenses?

We offer some selected researchers and students the opportunity of having an experience using melon fruit samples as a model system.

The results can be used for preparing a master thesis, final project for engineers, or other simmilar purposes by signinig the corresponding confidential agreement.

Several students from UPCT and other universities were able to complete his degree with us and have a great experience in a Mediterranean city.


a) Melon aroma volatiles. Extraction, GC-MS analysis, training in integration and data analysis. 2011-2013.

b) Melon polyssacharide content ant flesh properties (January-April 2012).

c) Transcriptomic analysis. Quantitative PCR to validate microarray results. 2011-2012.

d) Multivariate statistics. 2011-2013.

e) Melon microorganisms. 2011-2012.

You can work with other students and researchers with contrasted experience. Contact juanp.fdez@upct.es

Note: Please if you are interested in using research as an excuse for othre purposes, just choose other offers.  Thank you for your interest.

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Melones amarillos y verdes ecológicos de fuera de temporada

ISOECO es una iniciativa social de ecoempleo que está produciendo en Fuente Álamo además de otras hortalizas melón verde y amarillo. Para quien quiera solicitárselos este es su enlace en FACEBOOK.
Hoy anunciaban los primeros: 500 kg de melón verde y 100 kg de melón amarillo. Ecológicos, de semillas autóctonas no comerciales y comprometidos con el empleo y la sostenibilidad social y ambiental.
Dejando un mensaje en su facebook contactan contigo.