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Marie Curie fellowships. Becas Marie Curie 2011.

Call for Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development

[Date: 2011-03-18]

The European Commission has published a call for Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development.

This action aims to reinforce the international dimension of the career of European researchers by giving them the opportunity to be trained and acquire new knowledge in a high-level organisation active in research, established in an other third country.

This action provides financial support to individual mobility projects presented by experienced researchers in liaison with host organisations in the Member States or associated countries. The grant agreements will be concluded with the return host organisations of the Member States or associated countries for a total duration of up to 36 months.

The project is expected to include a coherent research programme for the total duration of the contract, of which an initial outgoing phase, of between one and two years, is to be spent in a distinct legal entity in an other third country (partner organisation) and a mandatory re/integration phase of one year within the contracting organisation (return host organisation) in a Member State or an associated country.

This element will be assessed by the expert evaluators during the evaluation procedure. The reintegration phase will normally commence directly after the outgoing phase.

The research topic will be freely chosen by the researcher in collaboration with the return host organisation, with a

view to completing and/or diversifying her/his expertise.

The total budget for this call is EUR 40 million.

To see the official call announcement, please consult:

OJ No C 82 of 16 March 2011 and the following link:


Remarks: Before contacting the Commission, proposers are strongly advised to consult the original call text.

The action addresses researchers who, at the relevant deadline for submission of proposals, correspond to the definition of experienced researchers. They are eligible under this action if they are nationals of a Member State or associated country. However researchers from other third countries who have been residing and carrying out their main activity in Member States or associated countries for at least the 5 years prior to the submission deadline are also eligible for this initiative.

For the outgoing phase, applicants must demonstrate mobility from a Member State or associated country to an other third country, and must comply with the rule for mobility at the deadline for submission of proposals.

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